Most frequently asked questions

Yes, Contact us through Instagram or Facebook to settle on a pick-up date. 

Our hand painted/drawn custom shoes usually sell for €175.00 – €300.00 depending on the cost of the base shoe and the popularity of the design. This represents a self-imposed cap on pricing.

You won’t. Each shoe is unique.  The organic nature of designing a custom shoe is what makes the process fun and challenging.  It’s also what gives each shoe its unique character. 

Variations in design often depend on your shoe size and the way the design color stands out against the color of the base shoe.  As I go, I also make adjustments to cover up imperfections in the base shoe and cover up my own occasional slip-up.  This is typically how innovation happens.

There are also tangible factors that influence the look of your shoe.  First, base-shoes of different colors tend to have slightly different textures.  This variation in texture is an important factor in determining the quality of the lines I can achieve.  It’s for this reason that I like to inspect each shoe before purchasing it.  Second, although all design colors look very good, darker colors tend to look more consistent throughout the design.

Our custom shoes are meant to be worn, so we use materials that will be durable even with regular exposure to the elements. For canvas shoes, this means using fabric dye pens rather than acrylic or Sharpie.  When working on leather shoes, I like to use Angelus leather paint (Well known supplier in the custom sneakers community) with an extra protection of acrylic finisher. In other words,The artwork on your shoe should hold up nearly as well as a factory printed design.

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All sales on custom shoes are Final.